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Aoi Hitomi no Onnanoko no Ohanashi

Watch Aoi Hitomi no Onnanoko no Ohanashi full movie online
Other name: The Story of the Blue-Eyed Girl, Sensou Douwa 7, 青い瞳の女の子のお話
Plot Summary: The story is set in a village in the southern Japanese prefecture of Kōchi during World War II. Even in this remote mountainous area, the perception of American and British people as “brutes” has taken root, due to the deaths and injuries among the villagers’ relatives. A elementary schoolgirl named Eiko transfers from the city of Yokohama to this village. Eiko happens to have blue eyes from her American father, and her classmates make no attempt to rein in their bullying. Other than Eiko’s homeroom teacher Akiko, even the teachers view Eiko the same way that the children do. However, a boy named Kenta views Eiko more with curiosity than with hostility. The children’s lives change as the injured father of one of Kenta’s classmates returns from the battlefield and news of more casualties arrives in the village.

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