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I Get Stronger By Doing Nothing

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Other name: Wo Tangzhe Jiu Bian Qiang, I Get Stronger By Doing Nothing, I Get Stronger When I Lie Flat, Ta Nằm Liền Biến Cường, Wǒ Tǎngzhe Jiù Biàn Qiáng, 我躺着就变强, The Most Powerful Prince-in-Law in All Time, 万古最强驸马动
Plot Summary: Chu Tianshu, who was reborn in another world, finds himself in a wedding ceremony with a princess! In the face of the contemptuous passers-by, the schemes of his in-laws, and the oppression of the strong, Chu Tianshu, who is armed with cheats is destined to cultivate supreme techniques, marry the most beautiful woman, fight powerful foes, and hold the sceptre of life and death! After reaching the top of the world, he was filled with emotion: In this life, I have lived up to the reputation of being a transmigrator!

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