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The Strongest Sect of All Times

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Other name: The Strongest Sect of All Times, Eternal Strongest Sect, All Hail the Sect Leader, Vạn Cổ Tối Cường Tông, SSAT, The Greatest Sect Leader of All-Time, Wangu Zui Qiang Zong, Wàngǔ Zuì Qiáng Zōng, Да здравствует лидер секты, Лидер секты, Сильнейшая секта все
Plot Summary: This is a story about developing a sect, this is a warm and joyful home. Not only we have a funny Patriarch, there are also a group of weird disciples with very different personalities. Come on, youngsters. Join our sect and together we will let your dreams fly! Come, join , join , join !!!!!!

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